Group Buying - Damals und Morgen



Mehr dazu gibt es zum Beispiel bei Exciting Commerce. Ich würde das Syncfu Widget gerne in der Praxis sehen. Anyone?

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    Dejan Strbac (Thursday, 29 April 2010 01:27)

    Hi Hendric! Thank you for the interesting flash back!

    However, I will add, with SyncFu we're trying to find out how it will be in the future. I am certain in a year, SyncFu will be something else completely than today. A much better, smarter and gentle to the world rather than a tool than serves as a catalyst for over-consumption. We're working on it, as we believe there is space to buy cheaper, while developing local businesses, in a more socially responsible way.

    Regarding the example, here is a one:

    Greetings from Italy,

    Dejan Strbac, SyncFu cofounder